Welcome - How to lose body fat!

Congratulations on taking the first step to a healthier and leaner you! I have over 13 years of personal training experience and have earned many of the top certifications in biomechanics, physiology and nutrition as well as learning from the best trainers and coaches in the fitness industry. I have had the opportunity to write for several publications including the New York Times, Men's Exercise, Cooking Light, fit & fab living and several blogs.

I have a strong passion for helping my clients reach their fitness and healthy weight loss goals so that they can feel and look their absolute best.  We get there together through a balanced approach of circuit training workouts, smart nutrition and effective programing which creates healthy and fast weight loss.

I believe that circuit training workouts and high intensity interval training workouts are the most efficient way to get in phenomenal shape. High intensity interval training workouts have proven time after time to be the best way to lose body fat for men and for women. They are the FAT LOSS WORKOUTS!

I teach my clients how to eat the Paleo way which isn’t a diet, it’s how we were designed to eat. When you incorporate a Paleo way of eating your workouts become more efficient, your blood sugar stabilizes giving you more energy and helping you to burn off stored fat.  When you eliminate foods that are at odds with your body like grains, sweets and dairy, you increase your intake of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Your body begins to function and perform the way it should and that’s when the weight comes off.

Life itself is full ups and downs and you have to be able to respond effectively. You and your body should be ready for the challenges that life throws at you and then respond quickly.  Get the most out of your time in the gym and out of the gym by training smart and eating smart. I will provide you a food list, meal recipes and meal plans to make your goals become a reality.

Life is short, life is precious so make the most our of yourself!