Three ways to Increase 
Energy and Lose Body Fat Now!

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I embrace an integrated approach to health and fitness. From functional training, weights to athletic conditioning, I will challenge you with customized programming designed to drive results.

I have over 14 years of personal training and nutrition experience and have earned many of the top personal training certifications in biomechanics, fitness, physiology, nutrition and learning from the best trainers and coaches in the fitness, nutrition and personal training industry. And have been quoted in The New York Times, Men's Exercise, Cooking Light, Fit & Fab Living and several blogs.

We will do a combination of weights and high intensity cardio workouts. I want your workouts to maximize your fat loss and improve your performance in the least amount of time in the gym. I will also create a nutrition plan that you can follow, is straight forward, can be implemented into your regular life and that gives you the most energy and helps you lose the weight. 

Life is Short, Life is Precious so Make the Most Out of it!


I went from needing cortisone shots in my back every 4-6 months to needing none. And all of my useless fat has been turned into muscle. He’s one heck of a motivator
— John K., Vice President at Fortune 500 Company