Pre Natal Fitness Program & Nutrition 


I am certified in Pre and Post Natal training by AAAI / ISMA and I ensure that all of my personal training programs meet American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologist guidelines. 

I will create a program that first and most importantly prevents back pain and second, gives you the energy you need during your pregnancy. I want you to feel strong, fit and safe so that both you and your baby are healthy. 

I am a father of two and I understand first hand the physical demands a pregnancy is on a women.  I created and designed my wife's nutrition and workouts and she have birth to my two beautiful children drug free. Whether that is your goal or not, my programs are designed to help you be strong enough in shape so that you can have the option of having a drug free child birth.



Post Natal Fitness Program & Nutrition

My nutrition program is designed to give you the energy you need and help you feel like you did before you got pregnant.  I will also help you get your body back so that you fit back into your wardrobe and feel beautiful again. 

  • Supplementation Protocol to give you energy.
  • 6 week nutrition plan with breakfast, lunch and dinner meal plans. 
  • Workouts to do at home or when you travel.


I was extremely lucky to train with Douglas throughout my first pregnancy.  His program kept me in great shape, facilitated my desired drug free labor and helped my body bounce back quickly after my daughter was born.  Most important, his workouts kept me feeling great throughout my pregnancy.  I will definitely be back for number two
— Sabrina T. - New mom!
Helena was such a huge baby and without your expert training I would not have been able to carry her and recover so quickly afterwards. I feel I was really fortunate to have you as my trainer during my first pregnancy. I practiced the exercises you taught me after my second pregnancy which helped me to regain my shape.
— Amanda F - Award-winning historian and internationally best-selling author