Douglas and I successfully climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro together. We have been training for over seven years and I am in great shape due to his fitness training, support and diet modifications. Douglas is now my a life long friend!     –Keith M - COO of Fortune 500 Company


Helena was such a huge baby and without your expert training I would not have been able to carry her and recover so quickly afterwards. I feel I was really fortunate to have you as my trainer during my first pregnancy. I practiced the exercises you taught me after my second pregnancy which helped me to regain my shape.

–Amanda F - Award-winning historian and internationally best-selling author


It was shortly after my 35th birthday that I realized it was time take my health seriously. I had gained too much weight - none of it was muscle – and I knew I needed “professional” help. The choice was easy for me since I had trained with Doug several years earlier at a bootcamp he organized in Hoboken in 2004. I figured if he got me into the best shape of my life once then he could do it again. Doug formulated a game plan that has changed my life. He focused on rebuilding my body, one joint at a time, and basically turned back the clock 20 years. I went from needing cortisone shots in my back every 4-6 months to needing none by strengthening my core, hips and legs and all of that useless fat has been turned into muscle. I would never have accomplished any of this without Doug. He keeps the workouts fresh and challenging, and he’s one heck of a motivator.     

–John K - Vice President at Fortune 500 Company


Seven years ago, after exploring various different forms of martial arts for physical and emotional strength, I decided to challenge myself and pursue the path I knew I disliked the most - going to the gym. I decided that I needed a personal trainer and I found Douglas. That was seven years ago and I'm still working with him. I'm now almost 65 years old and intend to continue working with Douglas as long as I can. I feel he has really helped me to keep my body as supple as possible which helps to alleviate the various aches and pains that are the inevitable result of the aging process. In an environment that is still somewhat alien to me, he is incredibly supportive and his attitude and friendship have greatly lessened my natural dread of going to the gym. Aside from his obvious expertise in the fields of training, sports medicine and nutrition, Douglas is a very well-rounded person with interests that cover the gamut from sports to theater to fine food and drink to being a very devoted family man. It's because he is that person, and because he obviously cares a lot about the people he works with, that I'll continue training with him and am privileged to consider him a friend.

–Phil L - Owner Voice Over studios


I wanted to take some time to thank you for all your help during the last Tri season. You have offered a complete package in coaching/training. I was happy to find that you could offer guidance in all aspects of my training program, strength training, endurance, nutrition, and flexibility. During my training it was evident that you cared about my goals and worked hard at keeping it interesting as well as challenging. Every workout was different. Each time I wanted to quit, you were there to push just enough. Your thoughtfulness in preparing my workouts has been much appreciated and actually quite rewarding.  I approached this past season with the general goal of placing better than the year before. With your help I was able to drop 76 positions to place 87th in a field of over 650. I’m setting a goal at placing in the group of Elite finishers (i.e. Top 60) and with your coaching, I’m sure I’ll get there.  Once again, thanks for bringing so much to the proverbial training table. Your knowledge base, diversity, and follow-through have helped tremendously in my realization of my Triathlon goals.

–Mark N - Restaurant Owner, Executive / Triathlete


Years ago, when I booked my first gay cruise, I knew I had to look WAY better in little to no clothes. I also knew that at my age (40 something) I really needed to start taking better care of myself. I picked Doug for a dumb reason. While clicking on the pictures of potential trainers Doug was the only one laughing. He looked nice. Working out was going to be unpleasant enough so I wanted someone I thought I would enjoying spending an hour with. And I do. I have more energy, I'm stronger and the best thing is that people have noticed the difference. Doug has given me some very valuable tools that help me make better choices on a daily basis and he pushes me to work harder in a way that's encouraging and positive.

–Steve C - Creative Advertising Director


When I first started working with Douglas, it was out of dire need. I had just left a very stressful job and was close to 100 pounds overweight. I had lost the first 20 by myself, but then nothing else was changing. Meanwhile, a close friend of mine had been seeing Douglas regularly for a while and was looking amazing. It was slow going at first–not because of Douglas but because my bad habits were hard to change. But he never gave up and eventually got through to me. Once I started listening, results came quickly–in six months I lost another 60 pounds and was running half-marathons. By then, Douglas had given me more than a new body...he had given me a new life. Douglas can be tough as nails, but he's equally warm of heart. I have recommended him to everyone I know.

–Jennifer R - Producer, Professional Screen Writer


At 6'1", I only weighed about 145 pounds. After working with Douglas, I'm 170 pounds and have more muscle on my body than I ever imagined was possible. As a result, my self confidence has grown and I'm overall a much healthier and happier person. Douglas is very supportive but also pushes me beyond my comfort zone.  With his positive outlook and sense of humor, Douglas has been an excellent mentor and role model in my journey to better health.

–Carl S - Manager at a Fortune 500 Company


I was always in pretty good shape and able to maintain my body, but as I got older my metabolism began to slow down and what I'd always done stopped working. Doug showed me a way to retool my diet and reshape my habits so I could stay in shape as an older man. Working with Doug not only got me back into shape, but into better shape than I'd ever been. Through simple exercises and a retooled mindset I looked and felt better at 35 than I did at 25.The most important thing Doug taught me was mind set. You develop a mental toughness and your body will follow. We called it "Seal Team Six" - It not only helped me feel I could accomplish anything in the workout, but also in my life.

–Justin S - Professional Actor


Douglas is part trainer, part coach. He’ll encourage and motivate you to reach your fitness goals. Douglas tailors workouts from session to session to meet clients’ changing needs. Your workout program will be unique. Those interested in a low-challenge workout should keep searching for a trainer. Douglas will push you to the next level.

–Susan W - Mother / Entrepreneur


In less than three months of working with Douglas, I have gone from a 10 minute mile to a sub 8:30 mile. Douglas is extremely knowledgeable about exercises, equipment, and nutrition and puts a lot of thought into my workout for each individual session. He is extremely encouraging and motivating. He pushes me beyond what I would be able to do on my own, yet not more than what I capable of doing. I would recommend Douglas to anyone.

–Blossom C - Runner


Having run many marathons in the past, I was always convinced that running 40 – 50 miles a week was the way to achieve success. Given my age, 49, and the foot and joint injuries I suffered over the summer, I thought breaking four hours this year would be a pipe dream. Meeting Douglas changed all that. He taught me to emphasize sprinting over distance, thus sparing my body excessive wear and trauma.  I ran my fastest marathon since Chicago in 1979 when I was 24 years old. Now that is a result!

–John S - Runner


Five months before my 62nd birthday, I broke my left hip. For the first time in my life I experienced the psychological and physical effects of feeling fragile, having to walk with the support of a cane. I had the good fortune of finding Douglas Taurel for personal training. We worked on my balance, strength, mobility and my confidence and before long I was able to walk without the help of a cane. It’s not always easy, especially those once legged squats, and requires a lot of hard work and perseverance, but Douglas never lets me give up. Physical therapy alone would never have enabled me to get back to normal this quickly. I have taken 10 years off my age. I can’t begin to tell you what this has done for my confidence.

–Helen J - Painter & Artist


I recommend Douglas Taurel as a personal trainer during PREGNANCY. I trained with Douglas from the beginning of my second trimester until  about a week before delivery and found the experience extremely rewarding  for the following reasons: I was consistently confident that Douglas would not make me do anything that could compromise my health or that of my baby. Whenever there was the slightest doubt he urged me to ask my doctor before engaging in any exercise. There was never a discrepancy between his advice and that of my doctor.• I found that training with Douglas not only allowed me to have a comfortable pregnancy, it also proved extremely helpful during delivery, having improved both my strength and my stamina. Douglas’ bright personality made training as enjoyable as it was beneficial.

–Sophia W - Mother


Douglas, thank you for helping to make my 2nd PREGNANCY such a wonderful, positive experience.

–Nanette J - Executive