Low Carb Diets and Fat Loss

When it comes to losing body fat, you will have to cut your carbs in order to do so. Now to be clear, if you are a female who does not weight that much as a very little muscle, cutting carbs will actually make you gain more fat.  The art of cutting carbs in order to lose body fat its that, it's an art. However, if you work out and trying to drop body fat and are still having a hard time then eliminated the refined carbs, alcohols and sugars so that you total carb intake is between 100 to 100grams per day is a great to help the body break body fat down. And here lies the art, knowing how to cut the carbs, when and for how long. I would suggest going three days in a row on a low carb diet and then doubling your carb intake on day 3 or 4 to help replenish glycogen up and keep metabolic function normal. When done for too long, low carb diets can and will have the opposite affect.


Here are a few rules:

Low Carb Eating