Stop Fat Loss During the Holidays!

We've all been there. The last bite is barely down your throat when the shock. I have just eaten 800 grams of carbohydrates and I have wasted the last  three months of working out. As the holidays and parties begin to roll in, keep an eye on your binges so that you don't waste all the gains you made during the spring and summer. What can you do before a binge meal?

  • Do HITT workout.
    • High-intensity interval training- short bouts of extremely intense work with easier recovery efforts. It can help burn calories even as you are shoveling them down your mouth. The process of restoring the body to its rested state after a bout HIIT can boost metabolism for hours.
  • Study.
    • Baylor College of Medicine in Houston measured the energy expenditure of subjects for 24 hours after either a bout of low intensity exercise or high intensity intervals. The subjects in the low intensity group cycled at 50 percent of their max effort for 60 minutes. The high intensity subjects performed two minute intervals, shifting between 100 percent effort and a less strenuous recovery spin. Scientist found that the high intensity group expended more energy during exercise, during recovery and eve while sleep over the next 24 hours.
  • Some other tips to help you with the binge.
    • Drink Water
    • Train Legs the Next Day
    • Drink a fiber supplement before the party or on the day of the binge.