Charles Poliquin

Recipe and fitness tips on how to lose body fat and create momentum the gym.

To create fat loss you need smart nutrition, planning, good supplementation and momentum.  The Oxford dictionary defines momentum as gaining movement! In order to achieve fast weight loss, feeling healthier and stronger you must have movement.  Once the first step is achieved, your momentum to a healthier lifestyle and a higher self-confidence has started. Tell yourself that enough is enough and you’re taking control this very instant.  Start with some type of movement. It can be 10 pushups today that lead to 70 pushups every week that leads to 280 pushups every month Take a walk after dinner, eat less tonight, plan a workout for tomorrow, say no to fast and junk food and say yes today to something healthier.  Give yourself 10- to 15 minutes for breakfast. With proper planning you can find the time.

Think about what starts an avalanche, the smallest piece of snow turns the side of the mountain into a roaring slide.  Do something today, right now to start your self-esteem and your feel of success going.  When you feel successful about what you have done for your self, you have the momentum to do it again and again. Success equals success or better yet, movement equals movement.

Repeating small movements every day you will start to create habits in your life that lead you to the GOALS you want to achieve.   The repetition of habits is what mastery is. You become a master by simply repeating simple movements that turn into habits. Repetition is the mother of skill!

Find what works for you and repeat it.  It does not need to be what anybody else does, what your friend does or even what you have read in a magazine or book. Read it or listen to it and make it you own.  Create a system for your self that will allow you to repeat the habit so you can achieve a higher state of being through health.

Use MUSIC to stat your momentum.  Walk with it listen to it and dream of how you want to feel and look. Workout with it, music is the most powerful motivator on the planet.  I personally have been running and exercising with music since I was 15 years old and is to this day how I keep myself motivated. I love to dream of what I want to accomplish with my life and with my body.  I run, lift weights, walk and cook with music.  Find the sounds that inspire you and use that energy and power to help you start exercising or eating healthier.

Use music to help you see and vision your goals in your mind. Try to feel how you want to look and be and see it in your mind eye a certain person you want to impress or make jealous?   See it and feel it so you can have a vision to help you gain more and more momentum. As you move, your whole entire being begins to focus on how and when you will achieve your goals of a stronger and healthier self.

Here are some tips from Charles Poliquin to help both men and women lose body fat fast and to help get you started in creating your avalanche of Momentum.